​​clothing collection. From there Lousy Rich was born, from Breazy Brand, LLC consisting of only jewelry into Lousy Rich, LLC featuring both her passions; fashion and jewelry design.

​​Breanna Rose Skoon, designer of Lousy Rich, started the label in January 2013. She started designing accessories after attending FIDM. While planning her own wedding, she wanted do something special for her bridesmaids and decided to make all of their jewelry, including her own. Soon after earning her first degree, she was then inspired to create her first

Lousy Rich  

 "Elevated Edge"​

​Transcending Women's Style

 "Maxed Out" Collection 

About Us

Meet The Designer

Lousy Rich promotes an elevated edge design aesthetic. The label blends the downtown girl, with the uptown lady to create a modern and edgy-chic woman. The designer is continually transcending women's style by designing new and innovative fashions, conceptualizing the cool girl that everyone wants to be. We aim to deliver an upscale garment with a very modern price tag. The designer pulls her inspirations from her personal life journey and daily experiences. Each piece is fun and flirty, mixed with a little dash of “Breazy” in it!